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Litecoin Foundation To Create a Debit Card For Everyday Payments

19 June 2019 16:53, UTC
Litecoin Foundation To Create a Debit Card For Everyday Payments

The Litecoin Foundation has announced a new debit card for users to spend LTC, Bibox Token (BIX) and Ternio (TERN) for everyday use. The debit card is going to be released in the near future and users will have the possibility to spend their digital currencies online or in physical stores anywhere around the world.

The new product is called Litecoin BlockCard, which is a collaborative effort between Litecoin, Bibox Exchange and Ternio. These companies are targeting everyday shoppers that want to use their cryptocurrencies to make purchases. At the moment, the first customers are going to be located in the United States. Bibox Exchange is going to be acting as the custodian of the funds. Ternio is going to be providing their BlockCard platform to support the new initiative.

The announcement reads as follows:

“The special edition debit card will first be released to United States residences and soon after for non-US customers. Bibox Exchange and the Litecoin Foundation will integrate the debit card directly into the Bibox Exchange and LoafWallet – the official Litecoin wallet. Users will be able to access their cards directly within these ecosystems, giving them instant access to spend.”
21.03.2019  |   in BNT Reviews
The founder of Litecoin, Charlie LEE, said that this partnership boosts the Litecoin Foundation’s mission to create more use cases for spending Litecoin in everyday life.

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