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Joanne Rowling & Bitcoin: Mischief Managed?

26 May 2020 14:41, UTC
Joanne Rowling & Bitcoin: Mischief Managed?

J.K. Rowling, one of the most famous and acclaimed authors in the world, attempted to subdue the crypto-themed tornado on Twitter that she summoned. She says she learned to never "joke" about Bitcoin on Twitter again. On Saturday, May 16, the creator of Harry Potter opened Pandora's box when she replied to Twitter users with the following message:

"I do not understand Bitcoin. Please explain it to me."

What led to such a statement is easy to imagine. Advanced crypto evangelists from all over the world appeared to climb out of their shelters, ready to fight and defend their charms. A huge variety of people wrote to Rowling, not only explaining in detail the structure of the crypto world, but also offering their help with navigation in this area, and even predicting the unprecedented heights that leading cryptography of the world will achieve in the coming years.

The tweet of Rowling also wasn’t ignored by the negatively-minded prophets who did not spare the fiery predictions about the imminent failure of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency projects.

Two days. That is how much Rowling survived, after which the author informed all of her 14.6 million followers on Twitter that she is now fully aware of this matter.

What is the aftermath?

However, this tweet did not find a response in the hearts of crypto enthusiasts, united by a desire to convert everyone to their faith: the answers to it are even bolder predictions about the imminent success of BTC. As it turned out, the faith of the crypto community in Bitcoins is much stronger than the faith of Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter, which, it would seem, is impossible.

Other Twitter users suggested that Rowling, one of the richest authors, may have inadvertently raised the price of bitcoins over the weekend. Some suggested that she was ready to diversify her portfolio with upcoming investments in BTC.

Tweet by the author of Harry Potter also caused some loud responses: for example, followed by a response from Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum. Elon Musk also joined the discussion, explaining the author of Harry Potter the essence of cryptocurrencies. The heads of the cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase and Binance also joined the discussion, but rather unsuccessfully.

Rowling ignited the flames of this blazing infernal crypto network on social media, possibly taking pleasure in her (admittedly alcohol-fueled) trolling bait. Others took a more sober view of things — and encouraged Twitter users to admit that Rowling was clearly tricking with her BTC tweets.


Self-isolation seems to be annoying for Mrs. Rowling, who, just a few minutes after she announced that she was burying her Bitcoin-twitter-war axe, returned to the social network for another blow to the beehive. This time, the author joked that she rejected BTC in favor of ETH.

Still, what can we learn from it? The growing maturity of the crypto market, in fact, needs to be fueled by global influencers. If it happens — the queue of longing to learn more about cryptocurrencies will grow, they all just need to have their final reason. Despite all the notorious projects in the crypto sphere, celebrities should take their part in promoting the growing industry, but they must take a pretty careful approach and do their research beforehand.

Image courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

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