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Image of The Week, May, 27 — 31: The Street, News BTC, Bleeping Computer, and Others

31 May 2019 17:40, UTC
Image of The Week, May, 27 — 31: The Street, News BTC, Bleeping Computer, and Others
By Ian Marchewski

Someone In China Just Filed a Copyright For the Bitcoin Whitepaper (Bitcoinist)

Another person has submitted a copyright claim on the Bitcoin whitepaper, reports Bitcoinist. Her name is Wei Liu, and she is the former executive at cryptocurrency exchange Bibox. The move comes amid all the tensions within the Bitcoin community over the latest actions by Craig Wright. The Australian developer insists that he stands behind the creation of the pioneering cryptocurrency. Earlier this month, Wright became the first person attempting to copyright Bitcoin. He is also taking legal action against anyone who disagreed with his claims. John McAfee, whom Wright also threatened to sue, recently encouraged the whole Bitcoin community to submit copyright claims en masse in order to humiliate him. It still remains unknown whether Liu was responding to this call to arms, however, many social media users reacted with excitement, suggesting Liu’s copyright claim could be the first in a rising tide of similar moves.

FedEx's Blockchain Bet Could Be a Long-Term Boost to the Stock (The Street)

Digital ledgers powered by blockchain technology became one of the most prominent focuses for FedEx in terms of getting their services up-to-date technologically. Along with UPS and DHL, its main competitors, the company is now the key member of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance, which has quickly grown into the largest commercial association on the market. In FedEx, they already see an “immense potential to transform cross border commerce by reducing friction and increasing integrity in how things move around the world" in blockchain. And while some sceptics doubt if there will be any returns available to companies assessing the blockchain opportunities at this stage, FedEx is sure that the consequences of not investing in the technology are extremely higher than the risks of investing.

Crypto Scam Alert: YouTube Videos Promoting “Bitcoin Generator” Really Pushing Malware (Bleeping Computer)

Another crypto scam has been discovered. There’s a series of videos circulating on Youtube that promote a “Bitcoin generator” tool. The promise of free Bitcoin is hard to resist and those who follow the link in the video’s description are instructed to download and run a Setup.exe file, just as they would be had they been downloading most software. After the installation, their computer becomes infected with the Qulab Trojan, a particularly savage program intended to steal information and hijack clipboards. However, the scammers have tailored the Trojan to target the crypto asset wallets, including  Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, and many more. As reported by Bleeping Computer, the scam was first discovered by a researcher known as Frost. He managed to identify some of the videos and report them, however, the scammers just created another account and uploaded the fake Bitcoin generator promotions once again.

This Gallery Is Selling Indigenous Australian Art for Bitcoin (Bitcoin Magazine)

The Indigenous Fine Art Gallery has announced that it’s now accepting bitcoin for its “museum-quality art from Australia’s most collectible Indigenous artists.” While it’s still difficult to get some everyday items purchased with bitcoin, selling collectible art may sound a bit too premature. However, bitcoin and Australian Aboriginal art have more in common than it seems. Both have recently seen a surge of interest and an accompanying increase in value. According to Bitcoin Magazine, over the past three decades, some pieces of Indigenous Australian art, mostly rare ones, have appreciated over 600 percent per annum, which is definitely a skyrocket growth in the realm of fine art. In IFAG, they also see a lot of future opportunities for bitcoiners not only to buy but also invest in pieces of artwork like they do in land, stocks or other assets.

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