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Image of The Week, March, 4 — 8: TechCrunch, Chepicap, AMB Crypto and Others

08 March 2019 18:32, UTC
Image of The Week, March, 4 — 8: TechCrunch, Chepicap, AMB Crypto and Others

Starbucks crypto adoption will be a tax nightmare, says CoinCenter analyst (Chepicap)

Starbucks is actively working on the integration of a new software solution at its points of sale, which will directly convert BTC to fiat currency. Customers will be able to make purchases using their BTC wallet, and Starbucks will not have to deal with cryptocurrency directly. As expected, payments will pass through the Bakkt platform. However, experts warn that the fact that buyers exchange their crypto assets for goods may mean that they will have to keep records of all these transactions for the subsequent declaration to the tax authorities. Although all this sounds rather delusional, CoinCenter has already come up with a proposal to introduce an exception for such small cryptocurrency “profits” that would be a solution for such a potentially difficult tax situation.

First crypto index added to TradingView platform (The Block)

Hob10, the index of Singapore exchange Huobi was listed on the American data and technical analysis platform TradingView, which makes it possible to consider it the first cryptocurrency index ever placed on it. According to the representatives of Huobi, this step demonstrates the "continued maturity" of the industry. HB10 tracks10 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ether, EOS, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, TRON, Ethereum Classic, Ontology, as well as Huobi's own token. In addition, some cryptocurrency trading pairs represented on the exchange have been added to TradingView.

Cryptocurrency mining on college campuses rises as students make use of free electricity (AMB Crypto)

Campuses of universities and colleges in the USA have become not only a habitat for young minds but also actively developing mining centers that are already of interest to the cryptocurrency community. Since students do not pay for electricity, mining of virtual currencies does not bring them significant expenses. Mining farms easily fit in dorm rooms or libraries, which gives students the opportunity to mine cryptocurrencies at a much lower cost than the national average. According to Cisco, college campuses rank high in terms of mining volumes in the country, second only to the energy sector. It is also reported that it is not always students who are to blame for mining on campus territories. Vulnerable university networks are often targeted by hackers and being infected with malware for remote cloud mining.

Red Cat wants to track drone flight data on the blockchain (TechCrunch)

The startup has announced the launch of the second beta version of its platform, which collects data on the drone flights, ensuring the safety and immutability of data via blockchain. The platform will essentially become a kind of “black box” for UAVs, which are actively becoming a business tool these days. Drones will not only be more accountable to their owners, but also the safety of their operation will increase as well. In the event of a crash of the aircraft or its dangerous close call to the aircraft, the data collected by the introduced platform will help to investigate the incident and prevent its recurrence in the future. These days the company is busy collecting feedback from firms that operate drones, pilots, regulators and insurance companies - all parties who can potentially benefit from the access to drone data.

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