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Four Industries That are Actively Pushing Bitcoin

12 June 2019 00:00, UTC
Four Industries That are Actively Pushing Bitcoin

Bitcoin has emerged as the most preferred cryptocurrency in various parts of the world, over the years. In fact, it is the most well-known and largest digital currency in existence today. Several big companies are actively accepting bitcoin nowadays as a legitimate source of funding. While this digital currency is being used in several different, and sometimes even unethical ways today, it has nevertheless proved itself as a stable currency over a period of time. Having risen significantly in value, and surpassing US$ 11,000 per bitcoin after the December 2018 low, it is understandable why more and more people want to receive bitcoin as a valid payment for their goods and services. Here, we will acquaint you with four industries that have been actively pushing this digital currency in every possible way.

Online shopping

More and more online shopping portals are accepting bitcoin as a trusted form of payment these days. Prominent websites like Microsoft, Expedia, Namecheap, Shopify, Dell, Nike, Walmart, Cheap Air, TigerDirect, Overstock, Target etc. have added bitcoin as one of their preferred modes of payment. This has allowed shoppers to buy apps, video games and more by paying in bitcoin.

Online casinos

Majority of online gamers, particularly people into casino gambling and sports betting prefer using bitcoin for any kind of gambling on the Internet. The reason why they like going with bitcoin is that it serves as a very secure, safe and quick method of online payment, and doesn’t involve any middlemen. Paying via bitcoin also allows you to keep track of all your online casino bets via a blockchain. In fact, you can play at almost all the online casinos using bitcoin nowadays! While a large number of online casinos accept bitcoin payments as a preferred alternative to other payment methods, there are some that deal exclusively in bitcoin only, as it helps them make their transactions more secure and safe.

Restaurants and Hotels

Bitcoin payments have been gaining a lot of popularity among the restaurants and hotels as well, particularly through travel companies like Expedia who actively accept bitcoin for bookings. Many such companies have started accepting digital currencies as a payment mode by joining hands with Coinbase. Although a handful of restaurants and bars accept bitcoin for their services too, it is highly likely that more and more of them will come on board in the future, considering the openness showed by the travel companies.

Charitable organisations

Bitcoins are actively accepted by some of the biggest charitable organisations like The Water Project, Save the Children, Free Snowden and Human Rights Foundation. One of the reasons why many donors prefer this mode of payment is because they can follow-up and see how their donations have been used, and whether they have been put to the right causes or not. In addition, as bitcoin significantly reduces the transaction costs, more amount of money can go into the hands of such organisations.

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