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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Ethereum OGs Are Out: Why Blockchain Devs Tighten Their Belts
07 December 2018    |   3314
One of the leading developers of Ethereum Classic announced about the shutdown of its activities. What are the reasons for closing down, how it will affect the ETC future and whether the market should get concerned
Double Dealing by Payments Companies: How Visa and MasterCard Earn on Digital Junk
26 October 2018    |   5342
Payment giants are developing blockchain projects, while having negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies. What is the reason behind that and whether digital assets bear only dangers.
New Food Monopoly or Why Walmart and Carrefour Connect To The Blockchain
19 October 2018    |   4760
Food retail giants decided to change the supply chain, which is outdated since the end of the 19th century. IBM Food Trust platform will make delivery tracking possible in 2.2 sec.
Four Threats For Insurance Agents To Disappear In a Brave New Tech World
18 October 2018    |   6306
In a traditional world, there was always a high demand for insurance agents. Upcoming insurance industry disruptions clearly show that their fate is quite unenviable.
Reinsurers Turn To Tech: Insurance Market Cannot Carry Double
18 October 2018    |   5573
Startups don’t see insurance companies as their shareholders. This is an opportunity for the reinsurers to shoot two hares: enter new technologies and reach the end customers.
Tragedy In Indonesia. How Humanitarian Supplies Being Embezzled
15 October 2018    |   4840
After the earthquake in Tahiti, $3.6 billion were stolen. How much will be stolen after the earthquake in Indonesia? And could DLT help conquer corruption in humanitarian supplies?
Big Pharma: Blockchain To Move The Big Guys With Big Prices
11 October 2018    |   6881
The blockchain evangelists recommend a shift of the healthcare to DLT until multinational corporations did not take the whole market into their own hands. The doctors will be completely replaced by the diagnostic AI machines in 50 years.
Blockchain: Solving Scalability With A Cellphone And A Chip
04 October 2018    |   4970
Distribution and scalability are ones of the most problematic things in the blockchain. Is there a good solution for them?
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