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Tradeshift announces new blockchain payment platform

21 May 2018   |  in Blockchain   |  in Blockchain   |   5128
Tradeshift announces new blockchain payment platform

Tradeshift is going to introduce a new platform based on the blockchain and cloud technologies, as reported by several news agencies. This has been confirmed by company CEO Christian Lanng who said that blockchain was very beneficial as a way for companies to show they are playing fair.

And indeed, the public nature of Bitcoin blockchain has recently made it possible for the Danish police to prove their point in court. If a corporation decides to use a blockchain structure with a similar level of transparency, it will undoubtedly attract new clients who have not even heard about blockchain before.

The platform called Tradeshift Pay is announced to solve a serious problem when the communication lines between supplier companies and their clients fade away due to tech issues. Also, Christian Lanng has noted in the interviews that 50% of payments in the United States were still revolving around checks, so one might expect new blockchain technologies dedicated to this problem as well.

Cloud technologies - the vast server data banks - are still being developed by major companies with Oracle and IBM as leaders in the field, and the benefits of combining this innovation with blockchain and distributed ledgers has already been noted by experts.

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