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Sesame Street is hoping to simplify Blockchain for kids

13 June 2018   |  in Blockchain   |  in Blockchain   |   3489
Sesame Street is hoping to simplify Blockchain for kids

We all remember their famous song, but now they try to make us recall them by means of explaining a popular blockchain technology. Sesame Workshop wants our children to grow even smarter than they are. This company has cooperated with Sesame Ventures and invested in Kano that provides DIY coding kits for kids.

Alex Klein, Kano’s CEO, has stated that a $28 mln funding from Sesame Ventures will help expand its product line, related to the blockchain. Kano is well known for its computer kits, but the real value now is in providing software and hardware. Following these statements, Alex Klein said: "You're going to see some product announcements from us in the next few months that will give you a sense of how we are evolving the creative computing system, both software and hardware." Kano, in its turn, also wants to gain more popularity with the help of blockchain. Klein also mentioned that it was clearly important to his company that they demystify decentralized networks like the blockchain. He said the original premise was “build your own computer, learn to code, create the future.”

As an outcome, Kano’s CEO stated that "what interests us greatly is building your own internet, learning how networks work so you can protect your data, so you can carefully and creatively open up access ports to other people, exchange files in your own way, kind of take some control back over how these core communication systems in your life work."

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