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Trending Trinity Weekly (September, 17-21)

22 September 2018 13:30, UTC
Trending Trinity Weekly (September, 17-21)

Our crypto dwarfs have been watching you all week long to figure out what topics spark your interest the most. And here’s the result of their painstaking work — our traditional Trending Trinity article chart. Okay, it’s time to start!

#3 — Neural Networks In Trading: Goldman Sachs Has Fired 99% of Traders Replacing Them With Robots

Every village had a blacksmith back in the day. Where are they now? Traders, analysts and advisors may soon face their fate as well. We’re already living in a world where machines work back to back with humans. The next step seems not that inspiring for us. Wider implementation of neural networks and AI threatens to leave many people out in the cold. Anna Zhygalina spoke to several experts to learn their point of view on this problem, showing you a bigger picture. This post has gained 5500+ views and respectively occupies the third place this week.

#2 — How To Go Crypto in Switzerland: All Regulations for Blockchainers

The second best article this week is about something that always bothers us a lot. Regulation. Denis Goncharenko had summed up the all the Swiss legislation on crypto and his material is nothing else than a must read guide for those who intend to launch ICO in one of the most crypto-friendly countries, Switzerland. 7500+ views for now and even more to go. What a good one!

№1 — Digital Ambitions of Uzbekistan Can Fail Because of The Lack of Electricity

This former Soviet state is not a kind of territory you hear about very often. But while the crypto revolution happens right before our eyes, more and more dark horses will join the race. And although Uzbekistan has declared its intention to develop the digital economy at the government level, chances are that we won’t see any rapid growth of this sector in the near future. The country has to face a multitude of challenges to achieve what was declared. This article by Oleg Koldayev is an absolute leader of the week. Definitely worth checking out in case you’ve missed it earlier.

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