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Trending Trinity Weekly (October, 15-19)

20 October 2018 14:02, UTC
Trending Trinity Weekly (October, 15-19)

Weekend time! It’s when everyone tries to stay away from digits, graphs or stats of any kind. It’s not about our team though. On Saturdays, as always, we watch the behavior of our users during the week, check the counters and try to identify some current trends of digital economy. Let’s start and learn about the most popular posts of the week on It’s remarkable that they gained almost the same number of views.

#3 - Switzerland Teams Up With Liechtenstein To Show $44 Bln Crypto Market Valuation

Switzerland used to be the second in ranking at a global scale in terms of attracting the funds with ICOs. But that was in 2017. Things change fast and the country is only #6 this year. What happened and what does Switzerland do to maintain the leadership on the market? Find the answer in this article by Denis Goncharenko and learn what role does Liechtenstein play in the whole situation.

#2 - From Russia With Love! TOON #6

You loved the toons, right? As a result, the rubric hits the Trending Trinity chart for the second time. Basically this post sums up a couple of our latest articles about the use of digital currencies by spies and terrorists and why are the virtual assets such a nightmare for governments. Along with the awesome pic by Maxim Smagin, this is definitely a good read. 5300 views this week! Go, toons, go!

#1 - $300 Million From Christie's And Art Tokens As A New Type of Trading

Christie's auction house with a 252-year history doesn’t look as a place for cutting-edge technologies. But that’s just from the first sight. The house has recently announced its first auction on the blockchain. No cryptocurrencies are involved though. The main purpose of using blockchain here is to protect the buyers from buying fakes. It’s amazing that the article about such a conservative vintage auction became the leader of views on Bitnewstoday this week. Sotheby's, the next step is yours!

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