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EOS new blockchain launch today

09 June 2018   |  in Altcoin   |  in Altcoin   |   5289
EOS new blockchain launch today

EOS blockchain is to be launched today at 13:00 UTC, at the press time, it’s less than 3 hours remaining. The new structure is going to be tested for structural breaches for the first 48 hours. Rumor has it that there is still much work to be done and the launch will resemble an open beta test.

Moreover, the press points out that the full launch of the blockchain would happen only after 15% of token holders vote for block issuers.

The news on the launch may affect the price of EOS positively, especially if the aforedescribed speculations are not true. One should not forget about the local nature of such ups and downs, the price can return to initial values after the hype fades away. Similar scenarios happened with other altcoins when they were added to the lists of large cryptocurrency exchanges.

The launch date has been chosen after the vote of more than a 100 of participants, although no detailed stats of the vote has ever been provided.

29.05.2018  |   in Altcoin

EOS has had a considerably dangerous system bug, but it was reported by the Chinese cybersecurity experts in time. For more information on this matter one can see a separate material on Bitnewstoday.


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