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Coinbase to add Ethereum Classic support

14 June 2018 00:00, UTC   |    1976
Coinbase to add Ethereum Classic support

The vast American digital currency exchange Coinbase will support Ethereum Classic (ETC). This has been confirmed by the official announcement of the brokerage on Twitter:

Ethereum Classic has emerged due to the divergence of views of the Ethereum community in the past, and since then, this digital currency had its stable core community and a relatively small price in comparison to regular or ‘main’ Ethereum. And by the way, the price of ETC has grown +25% amidst the news. Coinmarketcap shows a clear vertical pattern during the day the announcement has been made:

The stats also demonstrate the dangerousness of the situation in which an investor does not think two steps ahead. The price has returned to its initial values after the hype around the news faded away, and those who bought at the local maximal prices have certainly lost the money.

One should also note that such price jumps tell that the digital currency market is still very unstable, as in the fiat financial sphere, this volatile dynamics would have been possible only under extremely anomalous conditions.


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