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Successful experience: useful tips for ICO marketers

23 May 2018 00:00, UTC
Successful experience: useful tips for ICO marketers
By Egor Egerev, CEO of
Bitnewstoday continues to tell about successful projects, released on the ICO. Today we went to visit It is a blockchain-based ticketing platform for the entertainment industry. The ICO was launched in October, 2017. By that moment the team had already presented the prototype of a creative solution for ticket sales. These days the company is developing a unified industry standard of a smart ticket.

The team shares its experience:

Each morning used to start with a meeting, where the previous day’s results  were discussed. During the ICO there were two designers, six buyers and a project manager working with advertising platforms, some of them worked part-time, for some it was a full-time employment. Dmitry Lelis managed the team.

This is the list of channels and instruments we used:

  • Advertising platforms (AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat)
  • Advertising networks (Cointraffic, A-Ads, etc)
  • Telegram channels
  • Banners and articles on crypto websites
  • ICO-ratings
  • Maximum daily expenses: more than $10,000

We have achieved the following results:

  • Number of leads (applications): 16733 Cost of lead: $17.1
  • Lead conversion to investor: 5.21%
  • Average cost of investor: $223

So what recommendations we can share considering this experience?

Don’t rely on one crypto website

During our ICO crypto websites efficiency varied. The most expensive of them, Cointelegraph, returned a ROI of 16%, however, we believe it was a wise investment, considering its weight brand awareness it provides. Whattomine performed really well (820% ROI), Coinmarketcap and Coinwarz ROI was just above zero, TheMerkle and 99bitcoins — below zero. Coindesk and CCN ROI was -83% and -100%, respectively.

Speaking about paid ICO-trackers, the best performance was delivered by the most expensive one, Coinschedule (1BTC + 0.5BTC in TKT) and ICOWatchList (0.49BTC + 0.21BTC in TKT). ICODaily also performed well. ROI is unknown because the traffic was untagged. Speaking about free websites, Tokenmarket and ICOBench brought the most of transactions.

Hire a Performance Manager

If we talk about conversion, there were problems related to website management: some people would take care of the landing, others — the dashboard, and the third — the traffic, conversion, and analytics. This is not the best structure. The whole chain of influence on the conversion should be limited to a single performance-manager, that may have his team.

Think about analytics from the very beginning

To sum it up, it is essential to set up the analytics and system integration from the very beginning, before the start of the advertising campaign, make sure everything works as it should and test it thoroughly. It will help collect much more extensive and accurate analytical data.

Define your targets or pay three times

Formats and targeting varied a lot from buyer to buyer. For sure, it makes sense to the only target at males, unless it is three times cheaper to purchase traffic without targeting sex. Ages 18-55, 18-44 and 24-35. On FB at times, stories and video banners worked perfectly, although if you look at the average, statics had a higher ROI. A good response was on the banners with the relevant tourist attractions, such as the famous Hotel Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. And of course, all the banners related to special limited time offer: discounts and bonuses, ICO starting in a few days, ICO closing in a few days. One of the buyers was able to get outstanding results on Look-alike.

Make your own map of ICO

The first launches of the campaign, which studied the behavior of users in different countries have shown an extremely uneven lead costs in different countries, from a few cents in India and Indonesia to tens of dollars in the developed European countries, so we have divided all the countries in which it was possible to advertise, into 4 groups based on the size of the country, the level of development, the approximate lead cost and subjective evaluation of potential, thus obliging buyers to purchase equal number of leads from different groups. Otherwise leads from third world countries were overflowing, and such traffic structure was far from desired.

Some countries had to be banned (Nepal, Bahrain, Pakistan, Bangladesh), others — quite the reverse, were promoted 1-2 groups higher. As a result, top countries were allocated with significant budgets and brought the main investors.

Don’t forget about offline

Starting mid-September and for a week of the beginning of the ICO, we were taking part in blockchain conferences. We had a booth at some of them, spoke at pitch sessions and panel discussions at others, attended as visitors, got acquainted with other projects and talked about our project at the third group of conferences. In eight weeks in total, we attended 11 conferences in different countries. The principal value of our participation is, of course, feedback on the project.

In addition, we took a non-standard step for the simultaneous promotion of our project and ICO, as well as a running case for testing our MVP - we organized a demo-event. We thought that since our project was about events and tickets, the correct way was to show our expertise in real time. We rented a venue, booked the artists (we are huge fans of good parties and electronic music), launched an advertising and promotional campaign — and started selling the first crypto tickets.

If you’re also willing to share your experience in ICO, feel free to contact us. Interesting cases will be definitely published on Bitnewstoday.

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