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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Advices to Advisors: How to become a proper ICO Marketing Consultant
03 December 2018    |   3106
Sometimes the ICO organizers make mistakes in estimating the role of advisors in their projects. Here are some hints of what to do and what to avoid when choosing the path of an advisor
Bitcoin's First Decade: What Awaits The Birthday Coin
11 October 2018    |   5024
On October 31 the main cryptocurrency celebrates its tenth anniversary. How Bitcoin is doing right now and what are the prospects for its development in the future.
Wild West Scenario: Institutional vs Whale vs Exchange. Who Gains The Upper Hand?
05 October 2018    |   5457
The harsh world of Wild West is a reference to the current events on the crypto market. Manipulations, force accumulations, intrigues and plots: who stands, who falls?
Business on The Pump: The Main Thing Is To Withdraw On Time. How Speculators Manipulate The Market of Weak Projects
28 September 2018    |   6484
How to save your investments in weak projects and how to do business on the pump. The exclusive interview of the managing partner of ADDCAPITAL and  AddVenture Aleksei PROKOFIEV.
Trending Trinity Weekly (September, 17-21)
22 September 2018    |   5186
Our regular Top-3 chart of the articles that caught your attention this week. As usual, Bitnewstoday won’t let you miss a thing!
Will AI Cure The Trading of Speculations and Create The New Financial Crisis
19 September 2018    |   4522
Neural networks are used to detect the scam. AI will take control over the trading and replace the traders in 20 years, and the crypto market will burst like a soap bubble.
Neural Networks In Trading: Goldman Sachs Has Fired 99% of Traders Replacing Them With Robots
18 September 2018    |   8309
Exchanges release neural networks at the market that make perfect forecasts without specialists. The experts predict a self-supporting AI that will replace all traders in 20 years.
Strategic portfolio investment in digital assets
14 September 2018    |   7195
How to invest effectively in crypto assets and what mechanisms should be used to maximize profit. Our experts have tested the tool for crypto investors and traders.
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