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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Fintech’R’Us: Сan Banks Keep Up With $41.7 Bln Industry?
06 December 2018    |   3405
For banks, the challenge is keeping up with this pace of technological change. The idea of going to a physical bank is not attractive to the millions of young banking customers.
Digital Caste: How Blockchain Changes The Business Landscape In India
04 December 2018    |   4080
On a modern economic scene, India is synonymous with a single word - potential. This is one of the fastest, growing at a huge speed economies. Annually they get 5.8-6.6% of GDP growth accompanied by a steady 1.1% increase of population.
The Crypto Market Will Pay With Decentralization For Liquidity
30 October 2018    |   3808
Satoshi’s vision is under the risk now as financial giants are conquering the crypto market and centralizing it. Learn the financial background for making right decisions
Pantera Missed Its Aim or How A Hedge Fund Is Turning Into a Hype Fund
19 October 2018    |   4912
Pantera Capital is predicting the increase in the capitalization of the digital market by 10 times. A pathetic attempt to win back losses on loud statements
Tokenization To Make $1 Trillion of VC Investments Liquid
05 October 2018    |   6835
What problems venture funds face and how tokenization can help venture capitalists increase the profitability of their assets.
Business on The Pump: The Main Thing Is To Withdraw On Time. How Speculators Manipulate The Market of Weak Projects
28 September 2018    |   6484
How to save your investments in weak projects and how to do business on the pump. The exclusive interview of the managing partner of ADDCAPITAL and  AddVenture Aleksei PROKOFIEV.
SEC And FATF Are Moving Towards Acceptance of Digital Assets
24 September 2018    |   4911
The US SEC США announced the start of procedure of making a decision about the possibility of virtual assets trading and FATF is correcting the rules of AML. The digital market is moving inexorably towards the institutionalization
Derivatives: Will Institutional Investors Put The Digital Market in A Debt Hole
20 September 2018    |   4322
Derivatives offer on the virtual asset market is expanding. We will explain how they will attract big investors and why they terrify the members of the digital community.
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