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GoDigital with World Forum Digital: Coronavirus Unites the World

27 May 2020 17:49, UTC
GoDigital with World Forum Digital: Coronavirus Unites the World

28th of May - 29th of May 24 hours Non-stop

London, New-York, Hong-Kong, Moscow, Seoul, Boston, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai

Digital Leaders from all over the world will come together to discuss on one platform possible consequences of the virus for business and digital future. World.Forum.Digital presents brand new online forum which brings together tech leaders, CEOs, Managing Directors, Policy Leaders, Innovators and Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Venture Investors, VC Funds and Tech Startups.

Сompanies participants: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Forbes, SAP

Main topics:

  • DIGITAL Trends for business: How Covid-19 could accelerate technology development and implementation. GUIDE HOW DIGITALIZE BUSINESS - all solutions
  • Blockchain Fighting COVID-19 for business rehabilitation
  • Home office optimization and self-education. Ways to be productive at home
  • Rise Of The Machines in the era of new reality
  • Pitch time: presentation of digital solutions

Participating in World.Forum.Digital provides you with a unique opportunity to witness the global digital event.

  - Open your brand for new clients and sponsors and promote your business with the help from top-level speakers.

  - Alongside with business leaders learn about how to find digital solutions for the sake of well-being of your workers and your business.

You can find more information on the official website of the event.

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