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Asset Backed Crypto Summit, Lisbon

28 August 2018 14:51, UTC
Asset Backed Crypto Summit, Lisbon

The upcoming Asset Backed Crypto Summit is set to put Portugal’s growing infrastructure, international accessibility and competitive costs on display as it demonstrates how the country is keeping up with the proliferation of the blockchain technology. This educational three-part event will take place on September 28-29, 2018, at the Lisbon Congress Center in Portugal and will highlight some of the ways, in which blockchain technology can be utilized, share information about token economies and explore evolving monetary policy with the popularity of a nationless digital currency on the rise.

Over a thousand attendees are expected to be present at ABC summit, including 500+ investors, 40 companies from more than 25 countries, and exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge blockchain products and services ranging in application from cryptocurrency to the real estate market.

The informative event will keep attendees on their toes with presentations from more than 15 speakers, panel discussions, educational seminars, industry addresses, networking events, exhibits and more. Keynote speakers at the Asset Backed Crypto Summit are scheduled to include Carrie Song, executive vice president of ViewFin™; Dragan Primorac, M.D., Ph.D., a pediatric medical doctor, forensic science expert and former Croatian Minister of Science, Education and Sports; and Kenny Au, co-founder and CEO of LUXSENS.

There will also be plenty of fun for those in attendance, including an Investor Private Lounge, an ABC Summit Student Program, a private dinner after the event with sunset cocktails, and the closing ceremony, which will double as a high-energy after-party.

ABC Summit’s organizers have searched far and wide to attract an exciting and diverse lineup of blockchain and business experts. Each acclaimed speaker has been handpicked to deliver the latest information available in the blockchain arena, with presenters including renowned scientists, analysts, educators, business leaders and more.

The chief aim of the ABC Summit is to expand the reach of blockchain technology and help encourage long-term growth and sustainable expansion within Portugal’s booming economy. Anyone striving to be involved with the progress of blockchain’s future shouldn’t miss this event. From educators, technologists, developers, and facilitators to accredited investors, entrepreneurs, ICOs, and startups, the guest list is getting longer by the day.

Attendees will have a chance to broaden their knowledge and become more familiar with the expanding blockchain industry, including the outlook of blockchain development and how to invest in blockchain startups and businesses utilizing ICO crowdfunding. There will also be endless opportunities to network with prosperous blockchain and fintech experts, investors, developers and companies from around the world

Conference Highlights

  • Asset Backed Crypto Summit is focused on exploring the ways in which Europe can benefit from the rise of blockchain technology.
  • 1,500+ attendees are expected to be present at this event.
  • Speakers and presenters include some of the world’s top blockchain and fintech industry experts.
  • Keynote addresses by leaders from multiple industries, including Carrie Song, Prof. Dragan Primorac, and Kenny Au.
  • Over 25 different nationalities will be attending, loading this event with brilliant minds from all over the world.
  • A special ABC Summit student program will be held for those seeking more education and training in the field of the blockchain technology.

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